Seamless Integration Platform

Comprehensive & Seamless Feature Set

sEnergy EMS comes loaded with an impressive array of features and technologies designed to integrate, streamline, and automate many of the tasks required to achieve and maintain a highly efficient data center operation. From the world's first 3D walk-through facility monitoring platform to automated and highly customizable reporting tools. sEnergy EMS is the only software that features the ActiveCFDTM real-time computational fluid dynamics engine that empowers real scientific-based continuous commissioning of your facility to ensure that it is maintained at optimum efficiency - no smoke and mirrors.

DCIM Comprehensive Feature Set


Extensive Device Connectivity

Automatically interface to Serial, SNMP, Bacnet, and Modbus compatible devices. sEnergy's virtual device server guarantees out-of-the-box connectivity to any device that supports any of the industry-standard communication protocols. Add, drop, and hot-swap devices, no shutdown required. All major CRAC/CRAH manufacturers and models, and most VFDs, are natively supported.

Web and Network Connectivity

  • Connect multiple nodes in a peer-to-peer network over the LAN or Internet
  • Monitor current activity from any computer on your network
  • Monitor your site from anywhere using a web browser

DCIM Web Connectivity

Easy Scalability

sEnergy EMS is designed to handle any size and scope of your project, from 1000 square feet to a million square feet, from a single IO point to hundreds of thousands of IO points. The modular design ensures that devices can be added or removed without downtime. The platform can easily scale from a single data center to enterprise-wide installations with multiple data centers scattered around the globe.