sEnergy Thermal develops and markets enterprise-level Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions focused on achieving and maintaining high energy efficiency and reduced cost-of-ownership for the data center owner-operator. Across the board, our clients have received guaranteed savings of 30%-70% on energy expended to cool their datacenters. Whether building a new data center, retrofitting an existing one, or simply looking for ways to bring your operating costs under control, our cutting edge data center solutions are the tools you need to gain the highest level of visibility on energy expenditure in your data center, the same tools you need to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency and thermal resilience.

  • sEnergy EMS >> The Ultimate Energy-Centric DCIM Solution

    From the server to the the IT racks, from IT racks to the room to the upstream power and cooling infrastructure, sEnergy EMS has you covered. The most advanced data center energy management platform in the market, sEnergy EMS integrates all the tools you need to actualize and manage the convergence of IT and facility operations. Get the benefits of improved energy efficiency, better asset utilization and planning, effective monitoring and improved up-time.

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    Ulitmate energy-centric DCIM solution
  • ActiveCFD >> Advanced Control for Datacenter Cooling

    Advanced datacenter cooling control

    With a host of capabilities not available in any other control solution, such as dynamic zoning and continuous commissioning, the optional ActiveCFDTM module intelligently optimizes and adapts the cooling performance to the prevailing heat dissipation. ActiveCFDTM enhances traditional reactive control with predictive control that pre-profiles eventual steady-state conditions, enabling your system to react faster to the environment, and to unexpected events. Nework and control any make of CRAC/CRAH or VFDs out of the box.

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  • sEnergy DCM >> Versatile Server-Level Power Management

    Plug it in, discover all your server assets, and bingo! With auto-discovery feature, sEnergy DCM automatically discovers and tracks all your IT server assets. Your IT asset database is maintained up to the minute as you install new servers or retire old ones. Futhermore, sEnergy DCM monitors the intake and exhaust temperatures and power consumption of each server in your facility - no sensor monitoring hardware required! You get a clear picture of how your IT power is consumed and how efficiently each server is cooled.

    Datacenter server level power management
  • SitePro >> Design Optimization for the Critical Site Professional

    Datacenter Design Optimization

    New Design? Retrofit? SitePro is the advanced CFD tool you need to optimize and bring your design to light. Import CAD drawings. Import equipment line-ups from spreadsheets and other sources, or use SiPro's extensive library of prototypes. Rapidly create a 3D virtual facility of your design, complete with visual rendering and walk-through capabilities, for better communication with your client. Quickly iterate through multiple cooling infrastructure configurations and equipment line-ups to optimize your design. Finally, deliver the same virtual protoytype of your optimized design to the client as a downstream monitoring and maintenance platform.

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Client Responses

  • "The work that sEnergy Thermal performed for our two data centers exceeded all promised energy reductions and savings. The on-site teams did everything possible to make this an extremely smooth installation in a difficult high-security environment. The reporting and inventory control functions of thr EMS software offer more functionality than we had expected. The building engineers finally have a tool that gives them immediate feedback and actually puts them in control of the environmental operations of the data centers."

    – Frank Fenbert

    Sustainability Manager

  • “This solution is not like any other I am aware of, with many of the larger companies setting roadmaps to this end state. This is nirvana in our business.”

    -Richard Werner

    Executive Director, Data Center Management

  • “sEnergy® stands head and shoulders above any other system we looked at. We love the fact that the same expert system can monitor the temperatures in and out of our racks, adaptively control our cooling systems, and give us an effective planning platform for future customer roll-outs. We have drastically cut our energy budget, and plan to deploy this system in all of our data centers.”

    – Dan Vazquez

    VP Compliance and Design

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