Convergence of IT and Facilities Operations on a Single Platform

The constant growth in complexity and power density of IT technology necessitates continued convergence of IT and Facilities operations. At sEnergy Thermal we are focused on energy savings and increased thermal reliability. We believe that to achieve the most amount of energy efficiency while not compromising reliability, the system as a whole needs to be viewed holistically, and there must exist a high degree of visibility across IT and facilities organizations and roles. That's why we built the most advanced enterprise DCIM platform from the ground up, with a singular focus on maintaining optimum efficiency across the entire power chain from the server plug to the utility grid. The most advanced data center energy management platform in the industry, sEnergy EMS integrates all the tools you need to actualize and manage the convergence of IT and facility operations.

DCIM facilitates the conversion of IT and facilities operations

World's First: Monitoring on a 3D Platform

The central view of the monitoring platform is a photo-realistic WYSIWYG three-dimensional virtual model of the actual facility.

  • Move quickly and easily to sensor locations and other critical parts of your facility to monitor current activity
  • Turn on automatic navigation to take you aroud the facility in a continuous loop
  • Visualize sensor and CFD data directly in the 3D model.
  • Display contours of real-time temperature, airflow, or pressure at any elevation and any orientation

World's Only: Predictive Monitoring Platform with ActiveCFDTM

The always-on realtime solver incorporates environmental and power measurement data and continuously analyzes the data center to offer suggestions for improvement, or take control of optimizing your cooling infrastructure. Identify to the very minute areas of the room that might need improvement, cooling efficiencies of individual racks and servers, parasitic recirculation and bypass flows, wasted CRAC capacity, and hot spots. Transform your monitoring infrastructure from a few discrete sensors to a "cloud" instrumentation environment that shows you what is happening at every inch of your data center in a nice and intuitive pictorial form without overwhelming you with data.

  • Measure only at a few locations, predict at all other locations get better coverage and even better quality of information at a fraction of the cost of physical sensors
  • Create virtual sensors at any point in space and on any equipment on the floor, and use them as you would any physical sensor. Create throusands of such sensors to supplement your few physical sensors, at no extra cost.
  • Get real temperature and air-flow maps generated from actually solving the physics of the thermodynamic process no hokey-pokey temperature maps generated through simple interpolations
  • Create temperature and air-flow maps anywhere in the room, at any elevation and in any direction.


  • Sweep temperature and airflow maps across the room in any direction top-to-bottom, front-to-back, side-to-side.


Intelligent Energy Management

Proper energy management in a data center cannot afford to ignore the driving mechanism for the entire thermodynamic process - the air flow.  A dumb temperature sensor network, whilst being a grade level above your typical single-point thermosat, is NOT the tool that would deliver optimum energy efficiency in a complicated flow-driven environment found in most data centers. Proper energy management in a data center must start with an intimate knowledge of the airflow. This knowledge is what enables your energy management software to draw a direct line between cause and effect, or rather between many competing causes and effects, a majority of which is not that intuitive and must be optimized through a thorough analysis of the physics. ActiveCFDTM, the core analysis engine behind Senergy EMS, offers the most opportunity to fully optimize the energy use in a data center. There is simply nothing else comparable.

Measure Efficiency With A Host of Metrics

Optimum energy efficiency cannot be judged solely by the PUE/DCiE. It is not enough - one can construct any number of scenarios where lower PUE does not necessarily translate to better energy efficiency.  Senergy EMS not only calculates the overall PUE, but also gives you a complete breakdown of energy efficiency at each point in the entire power and cooling chain from the server to the grid, along with a host of metrics targeted to the air distribution efficiency.

Equipment Maintenance and Life-Cycle Management

All the tools you need not only to manage your physical assets, but also track individual equipment performance metrics through its life-cycle from installation to decommissioning. You can easily institute a preventive maintenance program for your facility based on measured performance degradation.

Capacity Planning. What-If Analysis.

Here's a guarantee - you will love doing capacity planning on the sEnergy EMS platform. The point and click what-if analysis wizard enables you to instantly preview the consequences of making major and minor changes in configuration from adding, removing, or consolidating servers, to containment systems and beyond.

Multiple Configuration Management

All this is backed by a sophisticated configuration management tool that enables you to pull entire offline configurations at the click of a button, make changes, and conduct analysis. Create as many different configurations as you wish and compare their performance. Answer such questions as how far you can go with your current facility without major upgrades or building a new facility.

Extensive Device Connectivity

Automatically interface to Serial, SNMP, Bacnet, and Modbus compatible devices. sEnergy's virtual device server guarantees out-of-the-box connectivity to any device that supports any of the industry-standard communication protocols. Add, drop, and hot-swap devices, no shutdown required. All major CRAC/CRAH manufacturers and models, and most VFDs, are natively supported.

Web and Network Connectivity

  • Connect multiple nodes in a peer-to-peer network over the LAN or internet
  • Monitor current activity from any computer on your network
  • Monitor your site from anywhere using a web browser

Mobile datacenter monitoring

Easy Scalability

sEnergy EMS is designed to handle any size and scope of your project, from 1000 square feet to a million square feet, from a single IO point to hundreds of thousands of IO points. The modular design ensures that devices can be added or removed without downtime. The platform can easily scale from a single data center to enterprise-wide installations with multiple data centers scattered around the globe.