Intelligent Energy Management

sEnergy EMS manages energy use rack-by-rack and server-by-server. The ActiveCFD engine is glue that draws the line between cause and effect – between CRAC performance, prevailing server power consumption and air flow rates, and the resulting thermal performance. Without the intricate CFD analysis your typical "energy management" software or sensor network would only leave you with a whole lot of numbers and head-scratching. And without the real-time data your typical CFD tool would only give you a snapshot in time that has no basis on prevailing conditions. sEnergy EMS gives the complete picture, and enables you to make day-to-day decisions to optimize and reduce your energy use without guesswork and without sacrificing your equipment reliability. Know for instance when to turn off or bring on a CRAC, raise or lower temperature settings, use free cooling, or the optimum setting for a VFD.

Datacenter Energy Management


Measure Efficiency With the Most Relevant Metrics

Because sEnergy EMS monitors equipment performance across servers, racks, data rooms, facility cooling plants and power equipment, you not only get the overall PUE/DCiE, but a complete breakdown of energy efficiency at each point in the entire power and cooling chain. And because it is powered by the very science of heat transport and airflow phenomena, it is able to synthesize your data center performance in a host of metrics relevant to you:

  • Daily power usage efficiency (PUE)
  • Daily energy use and energy cost
  • Recirculation airflow % across every server and rack
  • Bypass airflow % across the room
  • Cooling efficiency of every server and every rack
  • % Utilization of each part of the cooling infrastructure
  • Thermodynamic efficiency of each cooling plant
  • Animated airflow across every rack, so you can judge for yourself if you need blanking panels or containment systems, for example

Datacenter Efficiency Measurement