Many of our world class customers are seeing a dramatic increase in energy efficiency and energy savings. Our customers, using this intelligent software solutions, will see their energy usage drop on average around 40%-50% and we have seen savings at over 70%.

Clients have also received significant rebate monies back from their local electrical provider, depending on their data center location.

For the first time, with the installation of our products, our customers are able to “Manage their energy resources” and understand the many complexities that encompass the very dynamic, ever changing data center today.

Many of our customers have seen a ROI of less than 1 year in many instances with their savings and rebates. We are committed to being a “Green Company” and helping all our customers becoming very environmentally friendly and meeting their “Green initiatives" and goals.

Our fast growing list of world class customer’s today: Any companies that have data centers along with increasing energy demand and data center space will benefit from our first class software products.

Today, we have installations in the following industries:

  • Banking and Financial
  • Federal Government
  • Telecom/Cable Companies
  • Collocation Companies (Managed Services)
  • Cloud Companies