Dynamic Energy Optimization and DCIM

To justify the high cost of investment in a DCIM solution, most enterprise DCIM software promise energy savings without providing an actual means of doing so.

It appears that monitoring and providing visibility to energy performance metrics such as PUE is somehow automatically equated to energy savings. However, to accomplish energy savings a DCIM system must also be able to physically influence the environment in some manner.

This means that a DCIM solution must include a control system to dynamically control the infrastructure to adapt to the ever changing power and cooling requirements.

Furthermore, the cooling infrastructure and heat dissipation ecosystem within a data center is typically complex, involving many actors and multiple parameters that influence the process.

The control system must understand the dynamics of the physical process involved in order to model the real cost of cooling and optimize energy consumption. This article discusses an advanced control solution that can be incorporated into any DCIM solution to effect energy savings.

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