3D Monitoring

The central view of the monitoring platform is a photo-realistic WYSIWYG three-dimensional virtual model of the actual facility.

  • Move quickly and easily to sensor locations and other critical parts of your facility to monitor current activity
  • Turn on automatic navigation to take you around the facility in a continuous loop
  • Visualize sensor and CFD data directly in the 3D model
  • Display contours of real-time temperature, airflow, or pressure at any elevation and any orientation

3D Datacenter Monitoring


Predictive Monitoring Platform with ActiveCFDTM

The always-on realtime solver incorporates environmental and power measurement data and continuously analyzes the data center to offer suggestions for improvement, or take control of optimizing your cooling infrastructure. Identify to the very minute areas of the room that might need improvement, cooling efficiencies of individual racks and servers, parasitic recirculation and bypass flows, wasted CRAC capacity, and hot spots. Transform your monitoring infrastructure from a few discrete sensors to a "cloud" instrumentation environment that shows you what is happening at every inch of your data center in a nice and intuitive pictorial form without overwhelming you with data.

  • Measure only at a few locations, predict at all other locations – get better coverage and even better quality of information at a fraction of the cost of physical sensors
  • Create virtual sensors at any point in space and on any equipment on the floor, and use them as you would any physical sensor. Create throusands of such sensors to supplement your few physical sensors, at no extra cost.
  • Get real temperature and air-flow maps generated from actually solving the physics of the thermodynamic process – no hokey-pokey temperature maps generated through simple interpolations
  • Create temperature and air-flow maps anywhere in the room, at any elevation and in any direction.

Datacenter Predictive Monitoring


  • Sweep temperature and airflow maps across the room in any direction – top-to-bottom, front-to-back, side-to-side.

Datacenter temperature profile